About the Book

Reading with and to your children gives them a vast supply of cherished memories and fosters a lifelong love of reading. The depth and breadth of compelling text combined with incredible art that moves a story forward is something that cannot be lost.

$5.95 soft cover and $3.99 eBook, iPad or Kindle

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This interactive family book:

  • kindles creative thinking and communication
  • promotes teamwork and develops problem-solving skills
  • encourages good role models along with moral direction
  • teaches that even though cookies are delicious to eat, moderation is very important
  • is unique in that it contains questions at the end of the story so that adults can visit with kids about choices and about being a good citizen

Design Features:

The Pink Sneakers Caper is designed to engage a 5-8 year old’s mind and to stimulate his imagination. There is an immediate bond with the extremely colorful, meticulously drawn illustrations along with the light-hearted and entertaining storyline. To increase reading skill and confidence, each character’s name was chosen to help a child sound out the name phonetically. Your child can quickly comprehend the story but it also introduces new concepts and vocabulary. P.S. It’s a great book for pulling in the reluctant reader.
Intended to keep pace with both today’s quick, early learners and today’s rapidly advancing media, The Pink Sneakers Caper genre (early readers, easy-to-read, easy readers) is the perfect bridge between a picture book and a chapter book. Illustrations on each page help young readers decode the story by providing context clues. Reading together in a family reading time creates a connection and a common interest; it creates a sense of safety, nurturing, and love. Some expressions in The Pink Sneakers Caper have been incorporated to expand vocabulary as the book is read to younger children, instead of your child reading it on his/her own.

How the Story Emerged:

All his life, John Clark has written stories and entertained young and old with his colorful imagination. His three daughters, Sarah, Rebecca, and Katie who are grown now with children of their own, gave John yet more reason to develop the many children’s stories that spun around in his head. The Pink Sneakers Caper is one of the stories John wrote years ago to entertain his daughters. John and editor wife, Sandi, decided to publish the story for all families to enjoy in soft cover, Kindle, or iPad.

The Cookie Recipe:

Chocolate chip cookies will never again be just chocolate chip cookies after reading the rhythmic, recurring name of those yummy, Ever-So-Soft, Ever-So-Sweet, Chickity, Chickity, Chickity Chocolate Chip Cookies.™ (visit our Awesome FREE Stuff! page to download the recipe) Sandi, who is also a Home Economist, developed the cookie recipe included in the book. Tasty ingredients including crispy rice cereal, oats, coconut, and of course chocolate chips, combine and result in a batch of deliciously scrumptious cookies.