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John & Sandi Clark

Authors John and Sandi Clark

John Clark has a passion for writing. His captivating style has amused and delighted readers for over forty years. John’s work includes a wide range of projects from creative short stories and books to newspaper and magazine articles to promotional marketing materials. John says, “The process of bringing The Pink Sneakers Caper to print has been more fun and exciting than any other project I have ever worked on. With the incredible support, editing, and creativity of my wife, Sandi, it is our pleasure to present this wholesome and entertaining family book.”

William Palitti

Illustrator Robert W. Palitti

Robert William Palitti is passionate about his artistic endeavors. He is thrilled to be part of the creative process whether the project is science fiction visual effects, puppeteering, developing creative marketing advertisements, or designing and illustrating. William’s artistic talents are brilliant and range from concept development through production. As he brought Muskyville and its characters to life, The Pink Sneakers Caper allowed William an opportunity to reach yet another level of accomplishment. It has proved to be a wonderful adventure.

Comment from the Illustrator:

Hello Everybody!

This is Robert Willaim Palitti, the illustrator of this wonderful book. I’d just like to thank John and Sandi for allowing me to be a part of this awesome story. I hope all of you who buy the book will read it and cherish it and make it a part of your family library. Don’t forget to bake some of those tasty cookies that make this book the best around!