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Enjoy the wonderful world of Muskyville where entertaining characters come to life through vivid illustrations and a storyline that keeps your whole family captivated by interactive entertainment.  $5.95 soft cover and $3.99 eBook, iPad or Kindle

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Excerpt number one: Dr. Z carefully adjusted the knobs, then pushed a large red button. His camera machine began to hiss and gurgle, lights flashed, bells rang, and it started to shake. At that moment, he pulled down a lever. A great sound, kaboooom .... poooooffff .... came from deep inside. Suddenly the shaking stopped, and a drawer slid out at the bottom of the machine. “The results will soon become visible,” the inventor proudly assured the officers.Excerpt number two: In no time at all, she was down the ladder and seated in her convertible. The engine started with a purr. With her trunk high in the air, Emma zoomed down the street following the aroma of a freshly baked batch of Ever-So-Soft, Ever-So-Sweet Chickity, Chickity, Chickity Chocolate Chip Cookies.™ The Cookie Theft Squad was close behind. When she turned, they turned. When she sped up, they sped up. When she came to a stop, so did they! Emma ended their wild ride the split second she arrived at The Sweet Tooth Bakery on Gofer Gulch Avenue.Police Chief Theodore Loggem hadn’t thought much about the robberies until the morning he stopped at a nearby bakery to buy his favorite cookies. To his surprise he was told all the cookies had been stolen. He hurried to the precinct and moved the cookie thief to the top of Muskyville’s “Most Wanted” list.