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Everyone is chatting and chattering about
The Pink Sneakers Caper
and those yummy
Ever-So-Soft, Ever-So-Sweet,
Chickity, Chickity, Chickity Chocolate Chip Cookies

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My parents bought me lots of books and I have bought my son lots of books, but this book surpasses any book we have ever read. We absolutely love it.
— Herb R.

Our family loves your book.  We read it over and over. Both the story and the illustrations are excellent. I’m able to connect with Emily as we discuss the meaning of new words and also important issues like being a good citizen, not stealing, and making good choices. Emily took the book to kindergarten for a whole week, then on Friday we brought cookies to share with the class. Everyone loved them.
— Jo H.

My son and daughter are just all over that book. They absolutely love it!
— Kevin D.

My daughters, aged 7 & 10, adore your Pink Sneakers Caper book. We often read it twice an evening. We’re having fun creating voices for the colorful characters and we take turns being the different animals. The cookies are fantastic.
— H. H.

What a fantastic story and outstanding illustrations! My daughter Marriah enjoyed it and we are going to share this book with her 3rd grade class next week and we are going to bake those E.S.S.E.S.S.C.C.C.C.C.C and have the class eat those while Mrs. Alberts reads it to the class.

As a parent I loved the meaning of the story about how everyone is responsible for their own behavior and with that comes consequences for those choices. My daughter Marriah felt bad for Emma but at the same time she also understood that Emma needed to own up to her actions even though Emma was not aware of what she did. This book should be in libraries and homes all over the world! I know I will get this book as a gift for friends for the holidays. And it will be a book that I will pass on to future Polk generations.

Thank you so much for writing it and for the colorful illustrations. Are you planning to continue this story line? Or perhaps write other books using the same illustrator? We hope so! Have a great day!
— Sincerely, J & M

What a fantastic children’s book. Every family deserves to have one of these books!  Margareta

A father who bought the book for his son left this message on our answering machine, “My son and I made the cookies together. We loved making them and we loved eating them!”

I am so thrilled that Brooke and Sharlee thought enough of me to give me an autographed copy of The Pink Sneakers Caper. Thank you very much. My kindergarten students and I love the book. They ask for it to be read over and over again.
— Mrs. London, Kindergarten teacher

When are you going national? Everyone deserves an opportunity to read it. It’s a great book. I read it from cover to cover.
— Ben

My granddaughter is only 2 but she loves this book.  She carries it around saying, “Mine….Mine….”  She likes to points out the animals and tell us what animal it is.
— Janet

Sweet book for a family read and a great recipe to boot! This was a great way to spend some quality time with my kids on a school holiday- lots of “fun” teaching opportunities wrapped in a nice story. I am glad I bought the book and will buy more to give as gifts!
— Diane B.

I am a first grade teacher in Everett, Washington and I recently shared The Pink Sneakers Caper with my students. My students raved about the story. One student reported he was surprised because at the beginning of the story it says it was a calm day, but it didn’t turn out to be very calm. Another student liked that Emma learned her lesson and helped the town of Muskyville. All of my students want to try some Ever-So-Soft, Ever-So-Sweet, Chickity, Chickity, Chickity Chocolate Chip Cookies and they would love to read more stories from John Clark.
— Crystal Moore