The perfect bridge between a picture book and a chapter book, The Pink Sneakers Caper is specially crafted to foster imagination and critical thinking, which are both essential skills kids need to keep learning on their own.

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The Pink Sneakers Caper is available on iTunes

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The Pink Sneakers Caper is Available on Amazon

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The Pink Sneakers Caper is dedicated to all children everywhere who love to read and be read to; and to their parents, teachers, and friends who know the powerful impact reading an engaging story can make in a child’s life. Our desire is for every child to become a productive member of society, and our hope is that The Pink Sneakers Caper can play a part in enhancing their childhood development.

The Pink Sneakers Caper is a light-hearted and entertaining story of the mysterious cookie thief who steals Ever-So-Soft, Ever-So-Sweet, Chickity, Chickity, Chickity Chocolate Chip Cookies™ from the bakeries of Muskyville. Meet the delightful residents and join in their creative adventures to catch the thief. Listen and learn as Judge Baldwin O’Shellneck makes it clear that everyone needs to be personally and socially responsible. The Pink Sneakers Caper is so much more than an interactive, engaging children’s book; it will quickly become a family treasure, popular with kids and adults. It is available in a limited number of soft-cover, personally signed books, and in electronic Kindle, and iPad format from Amazon.

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